Hillside’s Community Project will transform our model of care by creating a new, integrated, mixed-abilities neighborhood on our property – the first of its kind in the Santa Barbara area. A key component of this initiative is building homes, town homes, and apartments for seniors and the general public, alongside residents’ new state-of-the-art, adaptive homes. This will provide greater community engagement and integration, increased independence for the residents, and stronger financial stability for Hillside. The guiding vision behind the Community Project is one of inclusion and the highest level of equality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Hillside Community Project will ensure our current residents’ future, and our community’s ability to care for our family members with disabilities for generations to come. Hillside is developing its 24-acre property, where the current facility sits, to create a thriving, diverse, and integrated neighborhood that includes contemporary, adaptive housing for Hillside residents. This will address several critical needs:

  • To provide ADA/ABA housing that meets changes in state and federal standards
  • To facilitate greater integration and inclusion into the community for Hillside residents
  • To aid in financial stability for Hillside’s future

“Hillside is a critically important part of a healthy community. We need to take care of those who are least able to care for themselves.”

– Norris Goss, Board Vice-Chair


Hillside envisions transforming its 24-acre property into a new, integrated, mixed-abilities community while maintaining the incredible beauty and natural setting of Hidden Valley.

  • Open-Space: Natural undisturbed land, attractive landscaping, inviting green areas, handicap accessible public trails along the restored Arroyo Burro Creek, amphitheater and gardens

  • Hillside Facilities: Indoor Aquatic Therapy Pool for all community residents, Administrative Building, Nursing and Health Care, Kitchen, Housekeeping and Facilities Management

  • Additional Shared Amenities: All Common Areas, Gardens, Amphitheater, Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, Snack and Coffee Bar, Educational Center, Transportation Services